[CM] Two minor bugs in snd-8 preferences menu

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita@yahoo.com.ar
Thu, 7 Sep 2006 12:40:49 +0000 (GMT)

> Another
> possible "gotcha" here is that you need to type
> <return>
> in the text widget for it to notice that its value
> has
> changed.

Yeah, I'm doing that and also moving out focus to
another widget after pressing <return>, in order to
commit the "change". In fact, even when the value
remains constant, I need to do that just to preserve
its line at .snd_prefs_guile so later steps of the
execution of this script will be aware of the
load-path (take for example:

  (if (not (provided? 'snd-edit-menu.scm))
    (load-from-path "edit-menu.scm"))
  (if (not (provided? 'snd-marks-menu.scm)) 
    (load-from-path "marks-menu.scm"))
  (if (not (provided? 'snd-mix-menu.scm)) 
    (load-from-path "mix-menu.scm"))
  (if (not (provided? 'snd-ws.scm))
    (load-from-path "ws.scm"))
  (if (not (provided? 'snd-snd-motif.scm))     
    (load-from-path "snd-motif.scm"))

which are all generated by the preferences dialog too)

>  So, if I understand the problem, either
> remove the bad value from your ~/.snd file, or at 

No, I think you are misunderstanding me. It's not a
problem of load-path's value but the necessity of it
being established before executing another settings in
.snd_prefs_guile that require it. And also the fact
that the preferences dialog erases it from
.snd_prefs_guile every time you save your preferences
except that you follow the above protocol (pressing
return and changing focus). But the point here is:
that happens even when you don't change the load path,
so any time you forget repeating the return-focus
ceremony before saving preferences, you lost its
setting at .snd_prefs_guile and snd initialization
will be broken next time.

Hope I'm being more clear this time.


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