[CM] Two minor bugs in snd-8 preferences menu

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita@yahoo.com.ar
Thu, 7 Sep 2006 08:49:48 +0000 (GMT)

Hi all!

The bugs I found are:

1) if the sonogram colormap is not set!ed in
.snd_prefs_guile, a segmentation fault occurs the
first time you try to open the preferences dialog. At
the next try the menu is opened but the options are
listed only up to sonogram colormap, which is broken
and unsettable. If you save the preferences, the
colormap is given the value -1, which happens to have
the same effect described above.

2) the load path value is not saved, which is
specially unfortunate beacuse another settings depend
on loading .scm files (for example ws.scm), and
.snd_prefs_guile seems to take precedence over my .snd
(which establishes the load path).

That's all.
Best regards,

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