[CM] re: snd_frg.scm

Olivier Doaré nolv@free.fr
Fri, 01 Sep 2006 17:02:10 +0200

Selon Bill Schottstaedt <bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU>:
> I added your code to the Snd tarball and CVS site -- thanks again!

But note again that in its current form, it won't work with snd except the
version in snd-ls (like the snd_conffile.scm). I could try to make one that
works, when i have time.

> The current expectation is that if you want xg.so as a separate
> module you'll either use libxm or "make xg" (as a separate
> command).  I'd rather not make this automatic in the makefile.
> I could add another entry point, I suppose -- "make gtk-snd"
> or something.

Thanks for the 'make xg' trick. It's fine with me. It's just that it seems this
is not documented anywhere.