[CM] clm on os x

Joseph Anderson J.Anderson@hull.ac.uk
Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:26:25 +0100

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Thanks Rick. Though I only seem to be half-way there.

Putting (in-package :cm) at the top of the new buffer does fix the =
business with the syntax look-up and tab completion.=20

Lisp mode does appear to be set. And as suggested I forced it with M-x =
lisp-mode. Paren blinking works (was working before). Most features do =
seem to work. However, the automatic indention isn't working. This seems =
odd to me.

The automatic indentation does work in the *slime-repl openmcl* window.

Don't know if this matters or not, but I haven't set up a .emacs file in =
my $HOME directory. I've just used the CM.app with Aquamacs 0.9.8, and =
this seemed to work fine w/out adding a .emacs.

Thanks for the help.

J Anderson

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> However, in this new window, I'm not getting the "nice features of =20
> SLIME, including paren blinking, automatic indentation, automatic =20
> documentation retrieval, and tab completion". So, what am I doing =20
> wrong here? I do get all the "nice features" if I stay in my =20
> original *slime-repl openmcl* window. All these nice features do =20
> seem to be the point of working in emacs to begin with.

odd. sounds like lisp mode is not working or is not turned on despite =20
the mode line. try explicitly setting the buffer to lisp mode to see =20
if thats the issue, ie do:
	 M-x lisp-mode
and see if you have any lisp editing commands.

also make sure the first line in your new buffer has (in-package :cm) =20
or (in-package :clm) or whatever.

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