[CM] I wonder if this is possible...

Alex Damiani mailbox@alexdamiani.com
Tue, 23 May 2006 12:02:53 +0200

Hello everyone, I just subscribed... :)

I am trying to learn how to use CMN, and am facing a problem.

This is basically what I want to try to write:

(cmn  (setf s1 	(staff treble (meter 6 8) a4 e a4 e a4 e a4 q.))
				(staff (tied-to s1) (d4 q stem-down) (r8) (d4 q. stem-down sharp)))

It displays OK, except for the fact that the 8th rest overlaps with the 3rd  
(a4 e) note, since it gets placed in the exact vertical center of the score.
I noticed the same thing happens if I use an onset to place the (d4 q.) note, 
with auto-rests set to true.
Since I DO want the r8 to display, but would like it to be aligned to the two 
d4 notes, I'd like to know how to tell CMN to draw a rest on a different 
score line than the center one, if at all possible.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Yours Sincerely,