[CM] only one X11 window

Kilian Sprotte ml13@onlinehome.de
Thu, 4 May 2006 18:41:48 +0200

Hi Rick,

I am on OSX - openmcl, in fact.  Maybe this is just my fault, if no- 
one ever experienced that - I must admit that I am using the lambda- 
gtk lib from common-lisp.net, because I was interested to use it for  
other purposes, too. That means, I have hacked cm-gtk in way to use  
this other system.

Maybe before you spend too much time on this, it would be a good idea  
to test with the completely original versions - if you dont mind, I  
will wait until anonymous CVS is up again and go with fresh versions  
from there.



Am 04.05.2006 um 17:37 schrieb Rick Taube:

> I will  take a look at this, it should be working. i assume you are  
> on linux?
> On May 4, 2006, at 7:08 AM, Kilian Sprotte wrote:
>> Hi,
>> has anyone experienced the same problem?
>> When I do (cm::plotter) or (cm::cmio) it works, I get a window in  
>> X11, but only once!
>> (That means, if I have opened a plotter already, (cm::plotter) as  
>> well as (cm::cmio)
>> wont work and vice versa.)
>> Only if I restart my LISP, I can open another window... Closing  
>> this first window does not help and I dont get an error in the  
>> LISP - a plotter or cmio obj is returned, just the window is  
>> missing...
>> I am quite sure this used to be different, but I dont know exactly  
>> when.
>> Thanks for any comments,
>> 	Kilian
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