[CM] only one X11 window

Kilian Sprotte ml13@onlinehome.de
Thu, 4 May 2006 14:08:57 +0200


has anyone experienced the same problem?

When I do (cm::plotter) or (cm::cmio) it works, I get a window in  
X11, but only once!
(That means, if I have opened a plotter already, (cm::plotter) as  
well as (cm::cmio)
wont work and vice versa.)

Only if I restart my LISP, I can open another window... Closing this  
first window does not help and I dont get an error in the LISP - a  
plotter or cmio obj is returned, just the window is missing...

I am quite sure this used to be different, but I dont know exactly when.

Thanks for any comments,