[CM] [ANN] Snd-ls V0.9.5.5, Das_Watchdog V0.2.2 and Ceres V0.44

Kjetil S. Matheussen kjetil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:21:47 -0800 (PST)


Snd-ls v0.9.5.5

Snd v7.15 from 17.8.2005

Snd-ls is a distribution of the sound editor Snd. Its target is
people that don't know scheme very well, and don't want
to spend too much time configuring Snd. It can also serve
as a quick introduction to Snd and how it can be set up.

Changes ->
-Reenabled code in the configure script to check for liblrdf. Thanks to
  Andres Cabrera for pointing this out.
-Simplifed the ladspa stuff. It now works with guile 1.8, use a lot less
  time to start, and more than one instance of the same ladspa plugin can
  be run at once.
-Removed check code for guile earlier than 1.8. It now works with guile
-Added code to cache compiled object files. This reduces startup time a
-Updated rt-stuff to latest version.
-Fixed that pressing any of the control on/off buttons also started
-Included GTK mnemonics code from Maxim Krikun.
-Print debug info to stdout when something goes wrong in a hook or timed
-Backported Bill's fix for segfaulting when changing filter order when
  playing. Bug found by Tim Blechman.
(-The included diff-file between SND v7.15 vs. SND-ls is now 108000 bytes.
   Probably time to move on to SND v7.20.)



Ceres V0.44
Ceres is an advanced program for displaying sonograms and for doing sound
effects in the frequency domain. And more.

Changes 0.43 -> 0.44
-Fixed some compiling problems for gcc4
-Give warning about the additiv resynthesis. It might not
  produce correct result.
-Disabled built in support for jack. Sndlib does a much
  better job of supporting jack than ceres.
-Included latest version of sndlib. The previous included version
  segfaulted the program at startup. Well, works now.
  Tested with both fedora core 4 and redhat 8.



Das_Watchdog V0.2.2

Das_Watchdog is a general watchdog for the linux operating system that
should be runned in the background at all times to ensure a realtime 
process won't hang the machine.

Changes 0.2.1->0.2.2
*Locked down memory. Don't know if its necessary.