Re[2]: [CM] Common Music / Midishare / CLISP / Windows

Rick Taube
Fri, 10 Mar 2006 15:33:23 -0600

> I've got midishare working so it shouldn't be problem on this part.
> Do you think that using CLISP on windows with CM is viable solution
> for realtime simple MIDI mapping, given the fact CLISP doesn't have
> threads? Or maybe it's not related, I'm just guessing...

it depends on what you mean by real-time. If you mean to be able to 
open a direct connection to midishare from CM and send it MIDI messages 
from the REPL, then yes you can do this no problem.  If you mean you 
want to compose musical algorithms and then run them in real-time, then 
NO, because CLisp doesnt support threads. But working with Midishare 
interactively in the REPL should work:

? (use-system :midishare)
; loading system definition from /Lisp/midishare/midishare.asd into 
#<Package "ASDF4152">
#<SYSTEM "midishare" #x856EB96>

? (defparameter mp (midishare-open))
? (ms:now)
? (ms:now)
? (ms:output (ms:new typeNote :dur 1 :pitch 60 :date (ms:now)) :to mp)