[CM] Common Music / Midishare / CLISP / Windows

eFko frantisek stafek <fstafek@noise.cz>
Fri, 10 Mar 2006 09:33:34 +0100

     I'd like to ask, whether it is possible to use Common Music in
     current version with Midishare on Windows with CLISP...?

     I'd like to write simple MIDI mapping map for real/time use, like
     mapping incoming MIDI CC messages to SYSEX messages, keyboard
     splits and other simple things like this. Maybe later expand on
     something more difficult. Do you thing it can be done with CM /
     Midishare / CLISP / Windows?

     I don't want to switch to LINUX, because, I'm using good editor
     for my Yamaha SY-77 on windows / emagic sounddiver, not available
     on Linux...

     Thanks for any hint.

Frantisek Stafek