[CM] `Unbound variable: rts-thread?'

thorne ego111@gmail.com
Sat, 8 Jul 2006 04:32:26 -0700

Hello, and thanks for the recent help from the list.  I am still
trying to pick my way through Notes from the Metalevel using cm in
snd. In chapter 13 where `process' is introduced, i was getting
`Unbound variable: rts-thread?' and so on any time i used `events' to
call any function that used `process.'  `rts-thread?' is defined in
rt.scm, which isn't loaded by the default cm.scm (and errors when i
try manually).  To make a long story short, i got it working (at least
that bit) by changing scheduler.scm (around line 244) from

(define (scheduling-mode)
  (if (rts-thread?)
      (if *events* ':events #f)))

to just:

(define (scheduling-mode) ':events)

But needless to say, i'm wondering if i broke something else?  (I
don't even really know what rts is.  The cm scourceforge page says
it's not supported under guile.)