[CM] cmn newbie ?'s

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun, 22 Jan 2006 03:52:31 -0800

Those are good questions!  I fear the answer is no to all three.  The thickness
message currently only applies to double bars -- I can't remember why it has
that restriction -- I'll add a bar-thickness, or maybe barline-thickness message
to my TODO list (it should be very easy to add).  I thought you could indent
the first line by using the line-mark function: (line-mark (dx 10.0)), but it
seems to be a no-op -- this is probably a bug.  To mix music-fonts, I suppose
you could use with-cmn (the embedded cmn function), but cmn currently
assumes it has only one music-font (spacing is already far too complicated --
I wouldn't want to make it even worse!).

I think I need to add a section in the manual about what I was trying
to do in cmn -- it really isn't aimed at the calligraphic aspects of a printed
score -- I wanted a quick way to see a notelist in standard notation, and in
that context it does not matter how pretty it is.  Lilypond is probably the
way to go if you're aiming at publishable output -- I think its authors want
to go even further than Leland Smith's Score in that direction, so they will
be motivated to deal with aesthetic issues that I put in my TODO list and
intend to get to someday.