[CM] cmn newbie ?'s

Evans Winner ego111@gmail.com
Sat, 21 Jan 2006 21:43:36 -0800

Hello.  I'm just trying to get up and going with cmn.  Sorry for the
basic questions that the manual (to my ability to follow it) or the
archives haven't helped me with.  There are several here, but I
suspect they will be easy to answer for the experienced.  Any help of
course, is much appreciated.

* Something like: (staff ... c4 q (bar (barline-thickness .2)) ... c4
q)... seems to work globally and change all barlines.  Is there a way
to effect just the one bar?

* Is there a way to indent the first line of a score?

* Is it possible to mix music fonts within the same document, as in
...(staff (cleff (treble (font "my-font" "U+0026"))))?

Thanks, all.