[CM] Snd 7.19

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 27 Feb 2006 05:56:01 -0800

Snd 7.19

Bill Sack's pd-stochastic.scm and snd-stochastic.pd.

more pd-related improvements, thanks to Kjetil.

more ruby and emacs related improvements thanks to Mike.

in clm, numerous sbcl-related bugfixes thanks to Fernando.


removed ancient SGI-specific useSchemes resource

removed XmMultiList from xm module

alsa: changed environment variable names to use MUS_* rather than SNDLIB_*
      changed default alsa device to "default", but it then looks for "plughw:0" 
            and "hw:0" if things seem weird. 
      added mus-alsa-playback-device, mus-alsa-capture-device, mus-alsa-device,
            mus-alsa-buffers, mus-alsa-buffer-size, mus-alsa-squelch-warning.

changed mus-audio-sun-outputs to mus-sun-set-outputs, and
        mus-audio-set-oss-buffers to mus-oss-set-buffers
added mus-netbsd-set-outputs

mus-file-data-clipped -> mus-clipping, added mus-file-clipping for local settings
  data-clipped -> clipping
  mus-prescaler (global) alongside previous mus-file-prescaler

added pausing -- returns #t if DAC is paused, can be set to #t or #f to start/stop pausing
  similarly playing -- #t if DAC is running (may be paused), settable to start/stop playing
  removed dac-is-running (it's in snd7.scm)
  (eventually I'd like to get rid of the jargon "DAC", but that involves 5 more names)

with-tracking-cursor and with-verbose-cursor as synonyms for cursor-follows-play and verbose-

bind-key now takes a character or string 1st arg (as well as an integer); if a string, it's treated
  as the X/Gtk key name (e.g. "Home" or "plus").  It also has a 6th optional arg, a preferences
  dialog name (so that the dialog can reflect current key bindings by functionality).

checked: clisp 2.38 (cmn), fftw 3.1, gtk 1.8.11|12|13, sbcl 0.9.9, MacIntel, guile 1.8.0

with much help from: Kjetil, Mike, Russell Aspinwall, Eric Marzolf, Fernando,
   Bill Sack, Sebastian Tennant

58e30fd9c992c31d76384e0dd518704783275e4b  clm-3.tar.gz
f07dc36914c19b1d01ffaa23cf7a3a1eef68cc99  cmn.tar.gz
e67330db8558b5172d3731642bc0e8d4f230a621  libxm.tar.gz
0e0e0f17ea0b2f44bc6321ecc97f450355c3fbcb  sf.tar.gz
4badf9ed130c98d7659f49fc7e803fba2bf521e3  snd-7-18.i386.rpm
90aa639c8729c8897b1bd9ae4a7f214b1fae9ae8  snd-7-18.src.rpm
42d4c824f341688073ba6ccda03784b22a4effa2  snd-7.18.tar.gz
70e6265506e1ce579ea39581333950326b537590  snd-7-19.i386.rpm
aea47cb45a4b4986c9b808620f2273b090ca97aa  snd-7-19.src.rpm
fa9f3c7e754bce748e19c66446847a65bcc0f1a4  snd-7.19.tar.gz
51f89d7cf7a13345c140eff3dc636fc1cede4252  snd-7.tar.bz2
94281d135f3a831d8b5e45c68f634257e6306820  snd-7.tar.gz
93ab8879844ac710925d2976efb6742c8355e68b  sndlib.tar.gz