[CM] CM + RTS + Gauche

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 25 Apr 2006 19:39:05 -0500

Happy to say the new C real time scheduler seems to be working in 
Gauche now too (Todd is working on receiving.).  I dont know if I 
mentioned this or not but Portmidi and Midishare ffis also run in 
Gauche. So, bugs aside, the Gauche CM is now basically the same as 
OpenMCL and SBCL!

you can try out the rts using the latest (060425) tarballs here


you need to install c-wrapper if you are using gauche.

I havent had time to make a use-system for scheme, here is how you load 
rts and portmidi in Gauche:

$ cm -l gosh
(add-load-path "/Lisp/portmidi")
(use portmidi)
(add-load-path "/Lisp/rts")
(use rts)

(define mp (portmidi-open :latency 0 :output 5))

(rts mp)

(define (maj-arp n key vel)
   (process repeat n for i from 0
            output (new midi :keynum (+ key (* i 4)) :amplitude vel
                        :duration 1.0)
            wait .1))

;; spout as you will
(sprout (maj-arp 12 (between 30 60) 70))
(sprout (maj-arp 12 (between 30 60) 70))
(sprout (maj-arp 12 (between 30 60) 70) :at (+ (now) 3))