[CM] cm future developments

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sat, 8 Apr 2006 16:36:26 -0500

near term:

i still need to patch rts so that sbcl/linux works like last december. 
once i do that i will fork a stable rts rel-1_0 branch in cvs that 
maitains this code.

nearish term:

1 i am hopeful that a c version of rts will be forthcoming in the 
unstable cvs of cm and rts. its looking good so far. if i can do it 
then it will be possible to use (events) at the same time rts is 
running. =:)

2 gauche scheme verions of (use-system :midishare) :osc and :portmidi 
systems. actually the system code aleady exists, ie there is a 
portmidi.scm and midishare.scm that you can use with gauche.

longer term:

3 todd is working on a Gauche external for Max/MSP. he has it sort of 
working; you can load CM into max and communicate with it via inlets 
and outlets

4 thinking of using wxWidgets to write a non-emacs GUI environment for 
cm with integrated graphics. if i did this it would probably use a 
gauche scheme backend, which runs about as fast as clisp. if rts were 
in c then that would  be plenty fast!