[CM] rts debut

Ken renueden@earthlink.net
Fri, 23 Sep 2005 11:33:07 -0700

Ian Smith-Heisters wrote:

> That would be the simplest; to set CM up as an OSC client to a PD-PDP 
> server. But that doesn't avoid the primary obnoxiousness of PD which 
> is that I revile graphical programming for any serious task. 
> Connecting all those damn patch cords drives me crazy.
> I played with Lisp's FFI this summmer and couldn't quite get a handle 
> on it in the short time I had. That's why I'd tend toward a 
> Lisp-native solution. But maybe that's rather a sign I should buckle 
> down and figure out FFI.
> There might also be possibilities with GridFlow, which uses ruby and 
> offers some nice RT matrix manipulations. If only I could get paid to 
> work on this stuff; I'll never get anything done working in my spare 
> time ;)
> -Ian
> Rick Taube wrote:
>>> One thought I had was to use PDP, which started as PureDataPackets, 
>>> but is now a C library, which it should be possible to interface to 
>>> with Lisp. A native Lisp solution would of course be preferrable.
>> depending on what you want to do, writing an ffi for the c lib might 
>> actually be the way to go. the cffi project 
>> (http://common-lisp.net/project/cffi/) seems to be a good choice for 
>> implementing a single generic ffi that will works in most common lisps.
>> or could you send this data via osc? if so the osc support in cm 
>> right now might also be worth looking at.
>> --rick
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i know the feeling, about time that is.

i would love to add opengl classes to cm, so that we could compose 
real-time 3d graphics with sound.

things may open up for me later this year though....