[CM] CLM-3 Compile-load on Windows (XP) Clisp 2.35 C++ from VS.Net

Herb Martin HerbM@learnquick.com
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 14:07:32 -0500

On attempting to (load "all.lisp") the errors included below are displayed.

My suspicion is that something is not yet defined for CLisp
but I see nothing CLisp or GNU specific (that I am supposed
to do) so far.

Is there are more extensive guide than the included readme.clm?

I am currently reading the all.lisp in an attempt to discover more info.

VCVars32.bat has been run to set the Lib, include, and path environment for
MSC (VS Studio.NET),
and I copied the windows specific .h file to the config.h.

I would NOT be sending an error report or request for help, quite yet,
except the readme does indicate that such are requested if the compile does
not just work....

If this is not the appropriate forum please direct me to the correct
location (if you know);

RTFM is welcome if it is accompanied by a title or source and preferably a
page number or 
section. <grin>

[1]> (load "all.lisp")
;; Loading file all.lisp ...
;   using existing configuration file config.h
; Compiling "E:\\dev\\CLMusic\\clm-3\\io.c"
; Compiling "E:\\dev\\CLMusic\\clm-3\\headers.c"
; Compiling "E:\\dev\\CLMusic\\clm-3\\audio.c"
; Compiling "E:\\dev\\CLMusic\\clm-3\\sound.c"
; Compiling "E:\\dev\\CLMusic\\clm-3\\clm.c"
; Compiling "E:\\dev\\CLMusic\\clm-3\\cmus.c"

*** - EVAL: undefined function COMPILE-AND-LOAD
The following restarts are available:
USE-VALUE      :R1      You may input a value to be used instead of
RETRY          :R2      Retry
STORE-VALUE    :R3      You may input a new value for (FDEFINITION
SKIP           :R4      skip (IF # #)
STOP           :R5      stop loading file E:\dev\CLMusic\clm-3\all.lisp
ABORT          :R6      ABORT
Break 1 [2]>

Herb Martin