[CM] Snd 7.17

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 28 Nov 2005 13:29:36 -0800

Snd 7.17

Mike made many improvements in the ruby support

Kjetil added a -volume argument to sndplay

all dlp directory files moved to main directory (to simplify load-path handling)

added: *clm-notehook* and *definstrument-hook* added to Guile version of with-sound 
                (thanks to Rick)
       the rest of the preferences dialog
       SND_PATH environment variable (optional load path directory list)

if --with-float-samples and --with-doubles, the internal sample data type is double.
  (this also affects CLM)

moved snd-apropos to snd7.scm.

clm: fixed various instruments that were using mus-location with src:
         backandforth.ins, scratch in ug1.ins, granular.ins, various test ins.
     added optional srate envelope arg to fullmix.
     Rick added clm.asd.
     Fernando updated dlocsig and friends.
     *clm-tempfile-data-format* and *clm-tempfile-header-type* (for double intermediates).

cmn: *dynamics-minimum-vertical-separation* added by Anders.
     Anders also added support for dy0 and dy1 messages in wedge.lisp.
     Rick added cmn.asd.

checked: ACL 8.0, openmcl 1.0, cmucl 19c, clisp 2.35 (cmn), gtk 2.8.7

with much help from Mike, R Mattes, Rick, Anders, J Reyes, Kjetil, T Blechmann
        J Rundall, H Fugal, Fernando, J Sandgren, M Klingbeil