[CM] Why multiple-value from scaler->cents?

andersvi@extern.uio.no andersvi@extern.uio.no
Tue, 15 Nov 2005 09:24:34 +0100

The values coming out from scaler->cents are rounded to nearest
integer, and the second value is just whats left.

Happy hacking!

>>> "ES" == Emre Sevinc <emres@bilgi.edu.tr> writes:
ES> Hi,
ES> I run scaler->cents function but it returns
ES> more than one value:
CM> (scaler->cents 3/2)
ES> 702
ES> -0.045043945
CM> (scaler->cents 5/4)
ES> 386
ES> 0.3136902
CM> (scaler->cents 6/5)
ES> 316
ES> -0.3587036
ES> I'be browsed the CM dictionary but couldn't find
ES> an explanation.
ES> Can somebody explain the meaning of the second
ES> value to me?
ES> Happy hacking,
ES> Emre