[CM] cm/supercollider working

Michael Klingbeil michael@klingbeil.com
Thu, 5 May 2005 03:10:50 -0400

Very cool. Tried out the SuperCollider stuff on OSX and it working 
well. It will take me a while to absorb it all, but this looks like 
it will be extremely useful. Big thanks to Todd and Rick.

I'm curious about the comment in the example file:
	More sophisticated support for envelope conversion will be forthcoming.

What are some of the plans in this area? Two ideas that come to mind:
support for curved EnvGen segments

another thing that might be cool would be some syntactic sugar to 
hide the extra step of setting the node control values. scsynth 
definitions in cm could take scalar or array (or list) values. Those 
that are lists could then output the appropriate n_setn messages. 
Actually this looks pretty easy to do -- just make a new class 
scenvsynth and then implement a new write-event method. I guess it 
wouldn't really be possible to re-import this from and .osc file, 


>Todd's supercollider stuff is working in CVS now, including a nice 
>example file: etc/examples/sc.cm.  Unfortunately his email 
>announcement from yesterday seems to not have arrived at cmdist so 
>Im doing it.  The code seems to work great under OSX, would be nice 
>if a unix user would test there.  The .osc  file importing into cm 
>will take another day or so, then will try to get realtime sc 
>processes going in cm.