[CM] New ports of CM

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 3 May 2005 19:04:10 -0500

While Im at it, I might as well say that Ive ported CM to several other 
Lisps, this is all working right now in CVS:

Gauche Scheme 0.8.3, by Shiro Kawai:   
	I like this scheme a lot.  to run cm in it do  bin/cm.sh -l gosh
Guile 1.7.1
	I had to twiddle some macros but it seems to run fine now.
LispWorks (personal edition)
	This was easy, but ive only tested it on OSX.

It should also be possible to run in Corman Lisp on Windows. I actually 
made the port, but Corman Lisp seems to hang after it compiles four or 
five files. I dont know if its Corman or Widnows XP or CM, but now that 
CM has gone thorough so many CL compilers I doubt that its anything 
that CM is doing. But im done with the Control-Alt-Delete world and if 
i never see the garish colors and bulbous graphics of XP again it will 
be too soon. It looks like it was designed by the Teletubbies and I say 
let them have it. If anyone wants to get the cm port actually running 
in Corman I will send the corman.lisp file to them.