[CM] question on audio distributions, CCRMA or Agnula, others?

Chris Dawson xrdawson@gmail.com
Mon, 28 Feb 2005 17:04:36 -0800

This is not directly related to CM, so if people wish to answer offline, 
that is definitely acceptable.  I am about to install a new distro on my 
desktop, and would like advice about which audio-optimized distribution 
people are using.  I suspect CCRMA is what most will recommend since it 
is developed IIRC by the same people who do CM, but does anyone feel 
happy using Agnula, for example, or audioslack?  I personally try to 
stay away from RedHat, and though Fedora is better, I would definitely 
prefer a debian based distro.  I'll prepare myself for the flames...


linux hacker