[CM] [SND] Illegal instruction (core dumped)

njcross njcross@sbcglobal.net
Mon, 31 Jan 2005 09:50:46 -0800

I'd be happy to run snd-test.scm. I've been running Linux on this Mac 
G3 'pismo'
for a while,first with Yellowdog Linux 2.2 (seemed to work fine with 'snd'
and now Mandrake.It's only the record with jack that causes the problem.
Besides getting Dave's ladspa.scm menu to install it seems OK,so far- 
early days yet.Send me a tar ball,

At 4:35 AM -0800 1/31/05, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

>  > Mandrake 10.1 PPC
>I just noticed this -- linuxPPC?  I had LinuxPPC running at home
>for about 3 days -- just to tell the tale would take another 3 days;
>the machine in question is now in a closet because I can't figure
>out how to dispose of it.  I'm very interested in this port --
>there were bus errors (now that I think back) that had to do
>with bizarre gcc mixups -- I remember fixing one -- audio.c
>line 9654.  If you have nothing but time on your hands, perhaps
>I could send a tarball of the snd-test.scm test sound files
>to run snd-test on that system?