[CM] MidiShare Player

njcross@sbcglobal.net njcross@sbcglobal.net
Wed, 14 Dec 2005 14:45:45 -0800

I installed cmucl 19c as requested and I've installed-un-installed-reinstalled 
most midishare/cm files and still I get the 'libPlayer.so' error. Could it be 
a MidiShare problem or a Mandriva LE 2005 or cm player error?
If anyone correctly installed the cm Midishare Player on Mandriva please
contact me on/off list. I've compiled MidiShare in every way I can think of 
but no change in cm. Any thoughts

* (use-system :player)

; loading system definition from /root/midishare/player.asd into
; #<The ASDF3558 package>
; Loading #P"/root/midishare/player.asd".
; registering #<SYSTEM :PLAYER {59136425}> as PLAYER

; Python version 1.1, VM version Intel x86 on 14 DEC 05 01:50:55 pm.
; Compiling: /root/midishare/player.lisp 09 DEC 05 08:11:53 am

; [GC threshold exceeded with 48,951,768 bytes in use.  Commencing GC.]
; [GC completed with 38,780,408 bytes retained and 10,171,360 bytes freed.]
; [GC will next occur when at least 50,780,408 bytes are in use.]

; /root/midishare/player.x86f written.
; Compilation finished in 0:00:01.
; Loading #P"/root/midishare/player.x86f".
;;; Opening shared library /usr/lib/libPlayer.so ...

Error in function SYSTEM::LOAD-OBJECT-FILE:
   Can't open object "/usr/lib/libPlayer.so": NIL
   [Condition of type SIMPLE-ERROR]

  0: [CONTINUE] Return NIL from load of #P"/root/midishare/player.x86f".
  1: [RETRY   ] Retry performing #<ASDF:LOAD-OP NIL {590DBB3D}> on
                #<ASDF:CL-SOURCE-FILE "player" {5926EBB5}>.
  2: [ACCEPT  ] Continue, treating #<ASDF:LOAD-OP NIL {590DBB3D}> on
                #<ASDF:CL-SOURCE-FILE "player" {5926EBB5}> as
                having been successful.
  3: [ABORT   ] Return to Top-Level.

Debug  (type H for help)

(SYSTEM::LOAD-OBJECT-FILE "/usr/lib/libPlayer.so")
Source: Error finding source:
Error in function DEBUG::GET-FILE-TOP-LEVEL-FORM:  Source file no longer