[CM] cm and supercollider

todd ingalls testcase@asu.edu
Sun, 04 Dec 2005 16:31:51 -0700

this can be done, i had some code to create binary synthdef files from 
lisp forms which described the graph. what has held me back from doing 
more was that i believe there were flaws in the design which had 
serious limitations. if people are interested in doing this i would 
like to take part.

On Dec 4, 2005, at 1:34 PM, Joshua Parmenter wrote:

> Perhaps there is a way to create the synthdefs themselves in CM? It 
> seems to me that if there were a way to interface the classdefs in SC 
> (All ugen definitions at least), then write the synthdefs out directly 
> from CM, then the cm class wrappers could also be auto generated (as 
> Johannes Quint mentioned). If CM is going to work well with SC, it 
> would be great to eliminate the need for starting SC in the first 
> place to create the SynthDefs. If this is of interest for the CM 
> package, I can look more at the SC source to see what is needed to 
> load a SynthDef to the server as a binary OSC file.
> Just an idea, and one that I imagine wouldn't be a quick build... but 
> this would bring CM and its SuperCollider functions much closer 
> together, and would allow CM to become more of an SC client then just 
> a score writer / OSC controller.
> Josh
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>> Have you actually defined the synths that the examples use inside
>> Supercollider? If not, then you need to start Supercollider ,then Open
>> the file "etc/sc-synths.sc" then double-click on each synthdef paren
>> and press the Enter key. sc will echod "a synthdef" (or whatever) in
>> its console window. perhaps there is an easier way to define these
>> synthdefs (im just a supercollider beginner...)
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