[CM] cm and supercollider

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sun, 4 Dec 2005 07:51:11 -0600

I dont have any problems on my machine -- perhaps you have a more 
general problem with aiff playback? what happens if you simply try to 
play some other aiff file?

	(play "test.aiff)

if you cant hear anything, look at the value of


and see if its pointing to an appropriate player on your machine. if 
everyting is as it should be and you still cant hear anything, do
	(trace shell)
and then genereate the example again and send the trace

OPENMCL 1.0 users -- there is a bug in  OpenMCL 1.0 that causes Todd's 
high-resolution scheduler to fail. Until this is fixed please switch to 
the more "general" rts scheduler by doing:

	(setf *rts-type* ':threaded)

On Dec 4, 2005, at 6:56 AM, Johannes Quint wrote:

> i've tried out the super-collider examples (/etc/examples/sc.cm).
> everything works fine until i try to play something. after:
> (events (sc-simple-5 10) "sc-simple-5.osc" :pad 10)
> an aiff-file starts but nothing to hear.
> the same with the real-time examples in the dictionary.
> after:
> (define *sc* (sc-open))
> (rts (sc-simple-3 10) *sc* ),
> i receive the following error in super collider:
> FAILURE /n_set Node not found
> thanks for help, johannes
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