[CM] CM in SBCL 0.9.3 and CLISP 2.34

Dave Phillips dlphillips@woh.rr.com
Sun, 21 Aug 2005 14:42:54 -0400

Hi Rick

  CM does appear to be working well in SBCL 0.9.3 under a Debian system 
(Demudi 1.2.1). However:

    WARNING: Cannot build GUI because GTK2 interface will not build in 
SBCL 0.9.3.

  :(  Will that be possible soon ? Or am I missing something else ?

  Also, does any version of CMUCL support the whole CM enchilada 
(realtime, PortMIDI, MidiShare, GUI) ?



Rick Taube wrote:

> CM's "realtime" scheduler seems to working in linux sbcl 0.9.3 now. I 
> tested all the rt examples in the dictionary with portmidi, rts and 
> set-receiver! and didnt encounter any problems. ditto the test suite.
> I also upgraded CM's clisp support to Clisp 2.34. This versin of clisp 
> has better clos support (metaclasses, slot description api). rather 
> than try to support all the other versions cm will now signal an error 
> if you try to build it in a clisp eariler than 2.34. clisp has a real 
> ffi now, callbacks, and i even saw the beginning of thread support in 
> their ./configure script!
> clisp-2.34 hkt$ ./configure --help
> [...]
>           --with-threads=FLAVOR   support multiple threads in one 
> CLISP image
>                  via OS threads [highly experimental - use at your own 
> risk]
>                            C_THREADS WIN32_THREADS
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