[CM] CM in SBCL 0.9.3 and CLISP 2.34

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sat, 20 Aug 2005 11:02:35 -0500

CM's "realtime" scheduler seems to working in linux sbcl 0.9.3 now. I 
tested all the rt examples in the dictionary with portmidi, rts and 
set-receiver! and didnt encounter any problems. ditto the test suite.

I also upgraded CM's clisp support to Clisp 2.34. This versin of clisp 
has better clos support (metaclasses, slot description api). rather 
than try to support all the other versions cm will now signal an error 
if you try to build it in a clisp eariler than 2.34. clisp has a real 
ffi now, callbacks, and i even saw the beginning of thread support in 
their ./configure script!

clisp-2.34 hkt$ ./configure --help
           --with-threads=FLAVOR   support multiple threads in one CLISP 
                  via OS threads [highly experimental - use at your own 
                            C_THREADS WIN32_THREADS