[CM] cm/clm/cmn & snd on windows

Rodrigo Segnini rsegnini@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 10 Sep 2004 00:42:48 -0700

Hi all.

What's the status on running a full suite of cm/clm/cmn & snd on windows
xp, either natively or through emulators (i.e. cygwin), and what lisp is
I have spent some time checking various threads on the list archives,
and will continue doing so, but thought (and hoped) that maybe someone
already has the whole enchilada.

So far I have found the following thread-ends:

* CM + CLISP + Win Native -> Ok

$ clisp
    > (load "c:/path/to/cm-2.4.2/src/cm.lisp")

when done building it will save a cm.bat file 

    $ chdir c:\path\to\cm-2.4.2
    $ bin\cm.bat

* CM + CLISP + Cygwin -> error message

*** - The value of TOK must be one of DARWIN, LINUX, CYWIN_NT-5.0,