[CM] Two additions to snd tarball, and some old-timey tunes

Peter Lutek peter@peterlutek.com
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 13:38:16 -0400

> And on another front, I'm well along on the "sound spreadsheet idea" (was
> it Peter Lutek that suggested this?)

yes, it was   :)

> , but I can't think of a user interface.
> I tried adding buttons to the edit history window, but it looks cluttered
> and kinda dumb.  I could add a dialog, but that too seems clunky.  The
> basic notion is that you can create/apply "detached edit lists", i.e.
> edit lists as full-fledged functions, so, for example, you can back up
> and change something earlier in a list of edits, then re-apply the
> trailing edits to return to the full-edited state with that change.
> Or apply one channel's set of edits to another, etc. Any ideas?

why not just a matrix of editable cells that opens with a C-x-whatever,
including one cell in each column which contains a fly-out of all
available targets for the column of edits (with default set to what it
was applied to originally)?

bill -- don't know if you saw my post about memory usage -- you seem to
have indicated that it is not normal for sounds to get loaded completely
into RAM, but this DOES seem to be what is happening for me. i.e., RAM
usage goes up by an amount corresponding to sample size when i open a
sound in snd. it does make things quite unworkable for editing long live