[CM] Re: problems installing cm / clm on acl6.2 / mandrake linux

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 10:02:02 -0500

> ; Loading 
> "/usr/local/src/lisp/cm-2.4.2/bin/acl_6.2_linux-i686/pkg.fasl"
> Error: In :IMPORT list, the symbol "GRAPH" not found in package
> #<The CLM package>
> [condition type: PACKAGE-ERROR]
> not loading the clm script before executing cm.lisp doesnt produce an 
> error.

there are two solutions, im not sure which is better:

1. Load clm after cm, ie load clm into the image that already contains 
cm. cm-2.4.2 lets you do this.
2. Edit the file cm/src/pkg.lisp and remove the offending symbol from 
the input list. save the file and build as you normally would.

> and one more (maybe a stupid) question: in clisp: typing "unwind" 
> brings u
> back to ..
> do you know what the equivalent command in acl is?

i think the commannd to abort error in acl is

> the first problem is very important (to me) at the moment, because i 
> dont
> have much time left
> for starting and finishing my project..
> thank you very much .
> and sorry for bugging u again.
> best regards
> heinrich gudenus