[CM] Two additions to snd tarball, and some old-timey tunes

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 03:43:49 -0700

I've added Mike Scholz's sndins and gfm packages to the Snd tarball and
the CVS repository.  gfm is a Forth implementation of CLM, and sndins
provides C code for the fm-violin and others. Many thanks, Mike!

I've made a tarball of some old tunes from the 70's and 80's that use
these instruments as notelists loadable into Snd -- these are mostly
old Mus10/Sambox files translated to Snd/CLM.  Very old stuff, but I still
like it: tunes.tar.gz at the usual ftp site.  I've also included "Wait
For Me!", "The New Music Liberation Army", and "Leviathan" as sound files,
so it's a big package (50 MBytes).  Why am I thinking of Wordsworth "it
was very heaven to be alive"?

And on another front, I'm well along on the "sound spreadsheet idea" (was
it Peter Lutek that suggested this?), but I can't think of a user interface.
I tried adding buttons to the edit history window, but it looks cluttered
and kinda dumb.  I could add a dialog, but that too seems clunky.  The
basic notion is that you can create/apply "detached edit lists", i.e.
edit lists as full-fledged functions, so, for example, you can back up
and change something earlier in a list of edits, then re-apply the
trailing edits to return to the full-edited state with that change.
Or apply one channel's set of edits to another, etc. Any ideas?