[CM] Re: Building snd from source

Frank Barknecht fbar@footils.org
Fri, 21 May 2004 19:09:40 +0200

Meino Christian Cramer hat gesagt: // Meino Christian Cramer wrote:

>  Seconds before I received your mail I sent one to Frank, which
>  marks the below question of mine with "???" -- so I thought I had
>  spoken "german English" again...

I actually intended to express, that I didn't know the answer. Lazy

>  The one thing I """hate""" (sorry for that strong word) with the
>  motified snd is, that the strings of the buttons, menus and such are
>  so tiny (my screen is 1600x1200 pixies) and the file selector box has
>  a not so useable retro design compared with things seen while using
>  gimp (for example) -- but this is not meant as a complaint or critic...!

This really is better with the Gtk version, which has the modern look
you are (at least I am) probably used to.

>  Yes, you are right, Bill!
>  I copied snd_conffile.scm to .snd and changed some paths and
>  commented out a few load's, because they gave warning and error
>  messages...I think I haven't installed something not completly
>  right....

Could be. Actually I am using the upstream snd_conffile.scm and
overwrote what I didn't like in ~/.snd like the looping. That way I
can profit from changes/bug fixes immediatly. 

>  I didn't use a rpm or deb archive. I downloaded the snd-7.tar.gz (by
>  the way: compressing it to bz2 instead, while save a lot of bytes and
>  makes my modem not glowing red while downloading ;)))))) and compiled
>  the stuff myself.

You could also start using CVS to check out snd from Sourceforge. This
will save a lot of bandwidth, because as you (will) see, things can
get fixed or updated really fast with Bill. ;)

Here's my snd:

$ snd --help
Snd is a sound editor; see http://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/snd/.This is Snd version 7.4 of 17-May-04:
    Xen: 1.11, Guile: 1.6.3
    ALSA 1.0.4
    Sndlib 19.1 (27-Apr-04, int24 samples, with modules)
    CLM 2.48 (11-May-04)
    Gtk+ 2.2.4, Glib 2.2.3
    LADSPA 1.1
    with large file support
    Compiled May 17 2004 12:56:42
    C: 3.3.3 (Debian 20040321)
    Libc: 2.3.2.stable

    configured via: ./configure --with-jack --with-alsa --with-esd=no --with-ladspa --without-ruby --with-guile --with-modules --with-editres --with-static-xm --with-gtk

and my ~/.snd: 

;; /home/freak/snd was filled by copying all *.scm files to home:
(set! %load-path (cons "/home/freak/snd" %load-path))
(set! %load-path (cons "/home/freak/snd/dlp" %load-path))
;;(set! %load-path (cons "/dos/ibm/hdc10/f/src/audio/snd-7/dlp" %load-path))

(set! snd-remember-paths #t)
;;(load-from-path "misc.scm")
(load-from-path "snd_conffile.scm")

;; Bind Pos1/Home and End to something more common
;; /usr/X11R6/include/X11/keysymdef.h
;;  XK_Home			0xFF50
;;  XK_End			0xFF57	/* EOL */
(bind-key #xFF50 0 	(lambda () (set! (cursor) 0)))
(bind-key #xFF57 0 	(lambda () (set! (cursor) (1- (frames)))))

;; bind "update-sound from disk" to Ctl-Home instead:
(bind-key #xFF50 4 	update-sound)

;; Unset looping again here:
(define islooping #f)
;; EOF

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