[CM] Re: Building snd from source

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 21 May 2004 03:36:16 -0700

 > Do both interfaces provide the same functionality?

That takes a long answer, but the short one is that they are
essentially the same.  I like Motif's paned windows, but others
find them awkward.  The Motif text widget is still better
than Gtk's, so the listener window works better in Motif;
but you can use emacs instead.  The Gtk "footprint" is about
11 MBytes, whereas Motif is about 3 MBytes, so the gtk-snd
is much larger. The Motif side of the extension code (Dave
Phillips tutorial code, and so on) is more highly developed --
I use Motif, and add the corresponding gtk code later, so
there are lacunae in the gtk support; and the gtk version
of the recorder dialog is a mess.

 >   Sometimes the volume steadily increases with every loop until it was
 >  totally distorted.

I'll look into the looping problem, but I think what is
happening is that many separate "plays" are piling up.
I assume you're using snd_conffile.scm here?  Or perhaps
the tutorial?