[CLM] [CM] sound-duration, sound-maxamp, convolve-files (newbie)

Heinrich Gudenus heinrich@gudenus.com
Mon, 17 May 2004 16:10:26 +0200


the first problem:

sound-maxamp and convolve-files always produce an error..

 convolve-files: *** - COERCE: NIL is not REAL [...]
sound-maxamp is not defined

the second problem:

when I destructivly cut out a piece of an audio file
and want to set a variable which contains the new
duration of that file, the value that sound-duration produces
is Zero

            (let ((x (sound-duration file-1)))
               (with-sound (:output file-1 ...)
                   (<instrument> file-1 ...))
               (setf x (sound-duration file-1))

thank you


p.s.: (system is mandrake 9.0; and I am using clisp (cm clm and cmn are
installed properly (hopefully)))