[CM] Cmn: use-abbreviated-staff-names ... how do I make this work?

Anders Vinjar andersvi@notam02.no
Sat, 27 Mar 2004 21:44:17 +0100

Some standard instruments are predefined in a list called
'all-instrument-names, together with their abbreviations in
'all-abbreviated-instrument-names in cmn.

For a score needing anything special you can set the instruments you
need with something like:

(let ((all-instrument-names '("1. Chiefest" "2. Chiefest" "Violore" "Cellphone"
      (all-abbreviated-instrument-names '("1. chf." "2. chf." "vlr." "cp." "cl.")))
    (always-show-staff-names t)


>>>>> "J" == Jeremy Cowgar <jc@cowgar.com> writes:

    J> How do I make use-abbreviated-staff-names work? It says in the
    J> docs that it is defaulted to true, but when I do:

    J> (staff (staff-name "Flute I.") ....) all lines of my music
    J> begin with "Flute I." .. I cannot find any more information on
    J> this. How can I set the abbreviation?

    J> Thanks,

    J> Jeremy

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