[CM] Music Book?

Juan Reyes juanig@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat, 27 Mar 2004 10:35:34 -0500


Bill himself wrote a chapter or two on Walter Hewlett and Eleanor
Selfrdige-Field's book "Beyond Midi", and  also on  Max Matthews' book
"Current Directions" in Computer Music. Here he tackles the issue of
"scoring software" which to many of us it is still a hard an unresolved
issue. Additionally in these books, Leland Smith (SCORE's developer) has
also many intriguing facts which might help in understanding the
idiocracy of how and why these notation packages are designed the way
they are.
But as far as tutorials what can be really helpful, is to try to
understand and actually run Bill's examples in the cmn tarball  and in
the cmn html documentation. 

  --* Juan

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 15:46, Jeremy Cowgar wrote:
> Has anyone produced a music book using Cmn? I would be interested in 
> knowing how to glue all the pieces as well as text into the book.
> I have worked with LaTeX and included things like aaa.eps but that's not 
> working out so hot. I cannot get things aligned properly, nor the height 
> properly.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated!
> Jeremy
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