[CM] Last line, left justified?

Anders Vinjar andersvi@notam02.no
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 19:01:30 +0100

If i understand your problem correctly, there are two ways you can
approach something which might help you.

One is to put in a number as the value for 'full-last line in your score:

     (size 16)
     (free-expansion-factor 2)
     (full-last-line 0.9)


and try adjusting to suit.

The other is putting in an explicit #'line-mark before line you want
to adjust spacing in, and adjust the beat-positions in the line
according to needs.  Something along the lines of:

	(d5 h) (b4 q)
	(a4 h) (f4 q)
        (line-mark (dx (loop for beat from 0 below 4
                             collect (list beat -5))))	
        (f4 q begin-slur)
        (e4 q end-slur)
        (d4 q)
        (d4 h )
        (double-bar )))