[CM] Snd strategy?

Richard Liston liston@cc.gatech.edu
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 22:28:51 -0500

I'm making headway with Snd, but there may be a better way for me
to proceed than what I'm currently doing. What I would like to do
is to build up a complex stereo sound one piece at a time. My
current strategy is to work with three channels. The first two
channels are the two channels of the stereo sound I'm working on.
The third channel is my "working" channel. I'll start with some
waveform in the third channel - right now just a sine wave - then
modify it until I'm happy with it. Then I'll mix it into either
channel 0 or 1 of the sound. Finally, I will delete the third
channel and the sound that remains is my finished sound. All along
the way I want to easily and quickly play any channel separately or
the first two channels together.

I haven't identified all the steps that will make this work yet,
but I'm working through it and so far it seems like a workable
strategy. But I'd like to pause at this point to check whether this
is reasonable or whether it would be easier to go about this some
other way. Comments?