[CM] Last line, left justified?

Jeremy Cowgar jc@cowgar.com
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 09:36:11 -0500


I have just found Cmn. I have created a few simple pieces but am having
a common problem with them all. The last line, each measure has way too
much spacing in it. Can this be reduced? I like the spacing of the other
measures (full lines). I have changed two parameters to make the full
line measures look correct (before notes were just too close to each
other). The options I changed were:

 (size 16)
 (free-expansion-factor 2)
 (full-last-line f)

Other than that, it is a simple file, one staff, all basic quarter
notes, etc... I have placed both my .cmn file and my resulting .eps file
on my website if anyone is interested in seeing what I am talking about,
http://jeremy.cowgar.com/cmn/ ... Oh, I also placed a copy of the same
tune w (full-last-line t).

Thank you!