[CM] CMN - 2 tempi

Aki Asgeirsson klaxon@gmx.net
16 Mar 2004 13:06:31 +0000

Hello everyone
I'm new to the list. just started to use cmn. It looks like a very good
tool for computer-generated-instrumental-music composers (like me) tired
of finale/sibelius's limited midifile import functions.
One advantage of cmn is that it can display 2(or more) meters in
paralell staves, but my question is: 
Can cmn display more than one TEMPO between staves?
for example, one instrument is playing in quarter=60 and the next in
quarter=61. The staves would slowly shift out of phase (and later meet
again).  Using click-tracks this could be playable.
'mm' doesn't do it and I haven't quite figured out the 'metronome'
any help or suggestions are very welcome,