[CM] Working with channels in Snd

Richard Liston liston@cc.gatech.edu
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 15:17:46 -0500

I've got two different questions, but to make the archive a bit
more useful I'll split them up. Question 1:

I can generate my sine waves mixed together like this:

(with-sound () 
  (scm-simp 0 3 660 .2)
  (scm-simp 0 3 440 .8))

This produces a single sound with a single channel. How would I go about
creating a single sound with two different channels - right and left - each
with the same (or maybe even different) waveforms? Where I'm heading with
this is to apply different envelopes to each channel.

BTW, I've actually been looking for answers to my questions in the
documentation and .scm files, but I don't see the relevant sections.