[CM] Snd and CLM

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun, 14 Mar 2004 10:42:10 -0800

 >  but unfortunately on my system Snd crashes
 > when my browser is open. Colormap stuff - I'll have to try using a
 > local colormap.

If possible, please send me a stack trace of this:

gdb snd

 > I pasted scm-simp into the listener window verbatim and tried it, but
 > the "*output*" arg to "outa" is incorrect.

"outa" and friends expect to be used within with-sound or one of its
equivalents.  The with-sound macro sets up *output*.  So scm-simp
would be used as:

   (load "ws.scm") ; load with-sound
   <paste scm-simp into the listener>
   (with-sound () (scm-simp 0 1.0 440 .1) (scm-simp 0 1.0 660 .1))

which, in Snd, will automatically open a new sound pane with this

 > Does "setf" become "set!"? I know some lisp but I'm
 > not very deep into it. Do you know of a URL offhand with the mappings?

I don't know of any except maybe Rick's translator (stocl.lisp) which has a table
named "toplevel-translations".