[CM] Snd and CLM

Richard Liston liston@cc.gatech.edu
Fri, 12 Mar 2004 13:27:07 -0500

On 03/12/04, Bill Schottstaedt said:
> > Unbound variable: defun
> "defun" is from common-lisp, but the lisp-like language in Snd is
> Scheme (Guile), so you need to use "define".

Ah, that clears up a lot. I suppose there is plenty more where
that came from. Does "setf" become "set!"? I know some lisp but I'm
not very deep into it. Do you know of a URL offhand with the mappings?
I'll do some googling later but unfortunately on my system Snd crashes
when my browser is open. Colormap stuff - I'll have to try using a
local colormap.

>  Better might be
> "definstrument" which should work in both contexts.  There's
> an example in clm.html below the common lisp case (named "scm-simp").

I pasted scm-simp into the listener window verbatim and tried it, but
the "*output*" arg to "outa" is incorrect. It's not clear to me what
that arg is supposed to look like. Is *output* some kind of internal
variable? How does it get set? Here's the error:

>(scm-simp 0 3 440 .5)
outa: wrong-type-arg: Wrong type argument in position 4 (expecting "an output gen"): #f
; run

Thanks for the assistance while I'm ramping up here.