[CM] My install steps for SND on OSX

cristopher pierson ewing cewing@u.washington.edu
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 22:47:49 -0700 (PDT)


I've done a clean install on my home laptop using the steps I learned
thanks to all the help I was given on this list.  As per Rick's request,
here is the rundown of how I got everything working:

This build was done on a Mac G4 Powerbook with OS X 10.3 (panther).

The first step (and it is a vital one) is to make sure that your version
of fink is fully up-to-date.  Start by running

$ fink selfupdate
$ fink update-all

Next, verify that you have a working version of X11 on your machine.  This
must include the development libs found in the X11SDK.  If you are using
apple's version of X11, the SDK package is _not_ installed by default when
you install X11.  You have to do a custom install from the XCode disk to
get the package.

Once all this is in place, use fink to install openmotif3

$ fink install openmotif3

Next, install guile16

$ fink install guile16

And you need to add the guile development libraries, they don't get
installed with the rest of the packages.

$ fink install guile16-dev

You can also use fink to install the fftw package.  It takes a really long
time to build, but helps to speed up the fft-based functions in snd (right

$ fink install fftw

Next, download and untar the latest snd sources from ccrma

Configuration has been aided quite a bit by Bill since I had my problems,
he's added a number of command-line variables that you can set that will
help with naming problems in guile16 (the guile binaries are named
differently than in earlier versions of guile).  If you have trouble with
the configure process, you may want to check to make sure what the guile
binaries are named.  All the information you will need to get configure to
work successfully is in README.Snd inside the snd distribution.  It seems
important to use the switch --disable-nls.  I'm not sure why, but I
couldn't get the build to work with nls enabled.  This is the
configuration command that I used after following the instructions above:

$ ./configure CFLAGS=-I/sw/include LDFLAGS=-L/sw/lib -lmx -bind_at_load \
GUILE_CONFIG_path=/sw/bin GUILE_CONFIG_name=guile-1.6-config \
GUILE_name=guile-1.6 --disable-nls --with-guile --with-motif \
--with-static-xm --with-motif-prefix=/sw

This config was run from a bash shell.  If you are using tcsh (and you
might be if you upgraded to panther) then you will have to omit the part
about CFLAGS and LDFLAGS above.  Instead, you can set these through the
shell by running

% setenv LDFLAGS "-L/sw/lib -lmx -bind_at_load""
% setenv CFLAGS "-I/sw/include"

After this, you're nearly home:

$ make

$ sudo make-install

(you need to sudo make-install, because it will install an snd-executable
in /usr/local/bin)

Good luck, and enjoy the fun!

Thanks everyone who pointed me in the right direction!


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