[CM] mark-explode

cristopher pierson ewing cewing@u.washington.edu
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:19:08 -0700 (PDT)


The main reason i installed snd (aside from the coolness factor of being
able to say I did it ;)  ) was so that I could automate a project I have
for work.  I have about 100 or so 1/2 hr soundfiles recorded from
continuing medical education conferences that I need to split into chunks.
Each chunk will go with a single slide in web-based Flash presentations
that my bosses will sell to doctors everywhere.  I'm the only guy here,
and they need me to finish the job sometime before hell freezes over, so
I'm looking to be able to automate the process.

I figured that in snd I could just drop markers at the beginning and end
of a soundfile and at each breakpoint in between and then run
(mark-explode) and it would render out a bunch of itty-bitty files
suitable for my purposes.  I've been running some tests today (after
spending an hour or two turning the window purple and orange) and have
gotten an error.  There's not a lot of explanation for usage for
(mark-explode) so I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what I've done

I've set five marks in a small file.  Evaluating (marks 0 0) in the
listener gives the following:

>(marks 0 0)
(0 1 2 3 4)

and (describe-mark 1) gives this:

>(describe-mark 1)
((mark 1 sound 0 "koconnor-03.aif" channel 0) 485654)

So I know I have the marks there.  Next I try to run (mark-explode)

array->file: wrong-type-arg: Wrong type argument in position 2 (expecting
"a vct"): #f
"/Users/cewing/snd-7/marks.scm": line 337

I'm brand new to scheme, so I'm not really sure what is happening here.
Any ideas out there?


(Oh and by the way, snooping into marks.scm and the mark-explode function
leads mme to believe that the output files will be of type snd.  Is there
a way to change this so that they are .aif files?  My encoding software is
much happier with aifs that with sun-next style snd files)


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