[CM] CLM-3 -> back to CLM-2

Anthony Kozar anthony.kozar@utoledo.edu
Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:13:02 -0400

On 7/20/04 6:55 AM, Bill Schottstaedt<bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> etched in

> Removed old Mac OS/MPW support:
> ToolServer.Lisp, maclib.lisp, make-clm.cl, mac.help
> much of mac.lisp (except for ffi links)

I discovered this last night while trying to build it ...

So I switched back to trying to get the lastest clm-2 to install (MCL 4.3.1,
MacOS 9.1).  I created the empty config.h file and loaded all.lisp.  Got the
"cannot find clmLib" message so ran the makefile directly in MPW and
received the following messages:

MrC C Compiler 4.1.0f1c1
Copyright (C) 1994-1999 by Apple Computer, Inc.

#include <config.h>
File "sndlib.h"; line 10 #Fatal error: unable to open input file 'config.h'
### MPW Shell - Execution of tmp.make terminated.

Now obviously, the config.h that I created is in the clm-2 directory and
isn't being found in the system include path (why isn't this a user-style
include: "config.h" ?).  So I cheated and used the MrC option "-inclpath
ignoresys" which makes it treat <...> like "...".  Then I get these

int fileno(FILE *fp);
File "sndlib.h"; line 646 #Error: ')' expected
  fd = OPEN(arg, O_RDONLY, 0);
File "io.c"; line 564 #Error: undefined identifier 'O_RDONLY'
  if ((fd = OPEN(arg, O_RDWR, 0)) == -1)
File "io.c"; line 588 #Error: undefined identifier 'O_RDWR'
int fileno(FILE *fp)
File "io.c"; line 1354 #Error: ')' expected
File "io.c"; line 1358 #Error: ';' or ',' expected

And now I am not sure what to do next.


Anthony Kozar