[CM] Making changes to snd's gui

Guillaume Germain guillaume@nulko.com
Mon, 12 Jul 2004 15:11:29 -0400

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen wrote:

>Guillaume Germain:
>It should be quite easy to do this in scheme. Take a look at the
>mark and selection handling code I have made in gui.scm and 
>Something like this could be a start:

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and pointers. This is really helping 
me to get started.

I've hit a few small snags trying to make 'snd_conffile.scm' works. I 
have what I think is the latest version (July 12th), and compiled with 
"./configure --with-gtk". The first problem was that Guile reported 
'gtk_widget_get_name' to be undefined. I've traced that problem back to 
the 'xg' module loading code, present in a few files ('gui.scm', 
'gtk-popup.scm', 'snd-gtk.scm', ...), where xm.so is loaded instead of 

(if (not (provided? 'xg))
    (let ((hxm (dlopen "xm.so"))) ;; Should be xg.so ?
      (if (string? hxm)
          (snd-error (format #f "snd-gtk.scm needs the xg module: ~A" hxm))
          (dlinit hxm "init_xm"))))

The next small problem was in the "-notebook" part of the 
snd_conffile.scm around line 1500, (list-ref (main-widgets) 5) is #f for 
me so a type error is signaled by string=?, a simple check was enough to 
make it load the file succesfully:

(if (or (not use-gtk)
        (let ((w (list-ref (main-widgets) 5)))
          (and (string? w) (not (string=? "GtkNotebook" 
(gtk_widget_get_name w))))))

I found loading "snd_conffile.scm" to be very illustrative of the power 
of snd, and I'd like to take that opportunity to thank all those who 
contributed to make that great piece of software.