[CM] Common Music 2.4.1 available

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 08:31:38 -0600

Common Music release 2.4.1 is available for download from sourceforge 
and CCRMA:

   or from cvs do: 'cvs checkout -r rel-2_4_1 cm'

I will make a binary release for OSX in a day or so.

This is the release that I'm burning on the CD to accompanying the book 
Notes from the Metalevel. Ive tested all of the book examples with the 
release before uploading the tarballs.

Most of work for 2.4.1 went into simplifying the install for CM and 
using it with CLM and CMN. The release contains a brand new startup 
script bin/cm.sh that will do every thing for you -- install and/or run 
CM in any supported lisp from a terminal or under X/Emacs. I can't 
thank Tobias enough for writing it.

The following new/updated documentation discusses the new features. The 
first two links are new dictionary entries for cm.sh and make-cm:


The second two links are new general docs intended for people with 
little or no lisp experience:

   Installing Common Music:

   Running Common Music under X/Emacs: